Claudia Oporto’s DIY Saigon Workshop

I met Claudia at a Farmer’s Market less than a year ago. I was with my husband speaking Spanish and she overheard us talking:

Claudia: “Sorry … but, where are you from?

I: We are from Chile

We quickly turned to Spanish …

Claudia: Oh… really!!!! … I am from Bolivia!!!

She was so happy, because she had been looking for Spanish speakers  to be able to connect in her native tongue. So, we exchanged cellphone numbers and from then on, we become closer.

Claudia is a graphic designer; she has worked in many places around the world and has a lot of experience. To come to Asia was a long time dream, which become true when her brother invited her to come to Vietnam when he was working in Hanoi.

During this time in Vietnam, she has gotten to know businesses that could help her into her next step: to take her designs to bigger markets, and grow her business PreamBolivia in which she produces designs using native elements from her culture.

I invited her to participate in the Inspiring Women Program, and she joined.  Even though she did not have any expectations, she felt confident that this was a learning experience. Well… Claudia got what she needed!

She was part of the Creativity, Innovation and Leadership Workshop in which she witnessed great insights on her own experience. She was also able to make a declaration that would commit her even further into her vision and ideal regarding her job. She was able to share some of the same anxieties that others had in the group, and felt less lonely in her journey.

While in the workshop, Claudia noticed that it was better to do something than not to do it. She realized that even though she was scared, fear was not going to go away even if she didn’t take the next step. So, she felt it was better to take a chance and go for it.

DIY Saigon Workshop was formed after these realizations. Claudia invited Lê Ngc Anh to open a co-working space where they offer others to get inspiration for their arts-crafts.  

I visited the place and I felt very proud of Claudia, she has come to overcome fear, and conquered new territories in her professional development. Claudia has grown, learnt and made things happen for her.


Workshop space
Coffee area
About the space


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