For more freedom

First, let’s get you into the mood to read the article. Please use the music by Nat King Cole on the video below while you read the article:


Today, we celebrate these women because they were in a way the new explorers: amazing women, full of boldness and wisdom who decided to follow their beliefs to pursue more freedom. We all dream to find freedom and happiness; it’s a profound and fundamental desire of Humanity. « Would you like to be happy? » Ask this question to anybody, and the answer will be: « Yes ». All we want, what ever it is, is an expression of these desires but sometimes we are wrong about the « how » to reach our happiness and freedom.

The power of love

Love is the capacity to take care, to protect, to nourish

freedomThe first aspect of true love is maitri (metta, in Pali), the intention and capacity to offer joy and happiness; it is also energy, a powerful drive. It allows you to think differently, you can find new perspective and then you transform your interaction with your surrounding. It’s not something you can explain but something you can embrace and feel: « I feel fully alive »

I also think happiness changes over our lifetime. Experiences are different for everyone, but the common point is the pursue of happiness, and this is constantly shaped and reshaped by the small choices we make every day. If we are not capable to generate that kind of energy toward ourselves, who will? Taking your destiny in our own hands…. It’s the only thing that we really have.

Like all these women, be inspiring.

By Claire Bailliez, Inspiring Women Co-founder.

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