It is the beginning of 2017… Time to take action from our reflections!

This is usually the time we reflect on the events of our personal life during the last year. It is the time to recognize accomplishments, regrets, acknowledgments, and why not, finish up some of those “details” that are still hanging around. Some feel happy that the year is over and others want the energy to continue … how is it for you?

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I want to invite you to think of some ideas that can help you trough this process

What about inviting gratitude in this process?

This is a great time to go back and be grateful for what you had and for what you have accomplished; just because you are able to read this and look around is already a good beginning to welcome gratitude. You can also be grateful to those who have contributed to your success and experiences; those who sometimes from shadows have been there to support you, just because they believe in you.

So make a few calls or write some emails in which you express gratitude to yourself and others; it is a perfect start of a new year.

And why not love?

This is a good one! We are surrounded by so much of it, and now, it could be the time to stop and appreciate the love you give and the love you receive. Giving and receiving love is probably one of the most rewarding actions we can do for others and ourselves. I assure you, you will be in a different state of mind just by recognizing the love around you.

Hold the hands of the ones you love and say … “I love you”… that is all! Not so easy because we might feel soft and awkward, but extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Even saying it to yourself would be a great start to strengthen your self-confidence.

What about pride?

Yeah! Why not? When we feel proud of others – or ourselves – our chest allows more air into our lungs, our entire trunk grows making us taller and bigger. Pride is an emotion that fills the body and the spirit.

Find a moment in the year in which you felt proud and re-live the story with your love ones, or tell others when you felt proud of them; you will see how they grow in front of you.

How about relief?

This is an interesting experience; we fill happy to let something or someone go. It is like a weight was lifted from our shoulder and we allow the body to rest without that burden. I am sure you have some relief to recognize today.

Find a place that can help you go back and remember what you let go or those you let go, and breathe again in the same way you did then. Recognize the lightness and find a symbol that will let you remember how brave you are.

grateful-momentsAnd finally let’s invite the surprises in this reflection

I am sure it was a year of surprises, of both types of surprises: the ones we like and those we don’t. However both have changed us in some way.

Find the surprises you had last year and share them with a friend, hear what they have to say and contemplate the impact that those experiences have had so far in your life. Ask friends for their surprises and see what happen to them. It is a great time to find meaningful connection and deep conversations.

For me, 2016 was a year of all of the above, but most of all I am happy that is over and ready to get started with 2017 … have a great year and keep in contact … all my love to you.

By Ivonne Garrido

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