Follow your inner wisdom and make your own decision

Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.” ~Pema Chodron

We all hate the unexpected. We all hate uncertainty.

In moments like this, we become frantic, we flail, we panic. And then we become obsessed with our problems. We think about them. ALL THE TIME.

Sometimes our brain actually starts aching from all this thinking and analyzing…over analyzing. We get exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally. And when we realize we are no closer to solving our problems or making a decision, we start becoming more frantic and we end up failing and panicking even more.

We are already in the negative spiral that is nourishing fear and uncertainty.
We become less confident to make our own decision.

So we start to turn to others for answers, to validate our choice. Unconsciously, we give them the power to manage our feelings, dreams and hopes… We shut down from listening what it’s really important for us, what we feel…

At this point, we are in no state to save ourselves.

No one saves us but ourselves. We alone must walk the path.” ~Buddha

Become immune to other people’s judgment and get back to your own power…

Yesterday, again, I heard: “It’s really difficult to make the decision when I am not aligned with my values, and I have to make this decision because my company only wants to make money.” Does it mean that you have no choice? That to make money, we cannot make decisions based on our core values? The truth is, we all have the choice, whatever the situation is.

  • We have the choice to not have a choice.
  • We have the choice to not have a decision.
  • And, we have the choice to take a decision, a decision that is connected with what we believe, what is important for us, what really matters for us.

Defending our point of view, and managing the consequences of our decision is another way to do it.

We all have our compass within ourselves. We just have to learn and take the time to call it, to reconnect with it.
From there, we will be willing to take the step and create our own path, with faith and confidence. As long as we are aligned with ourselves, we will arrive at the direction we want, even if we have to change course from time to time.

With love, Claire Bailliez

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