The Power of Stillness and Decisions

During these times when everything goes fast and immediacy seems to be the norm, stillness appears as rare, as being inactive, as not generating results, and sometimes, even lack of character. But there is something about stillness that is important to consider: it is the time in which we are in full intentional learning and evaluating options.

Stillness is the time in which we will find the inner wisdom to go on and be present in our decisions.  We have come to a time in which technology is continuously providing us with a wide offer of tools, information, and variables, and to consider everything into account would take us not only time but also energy.

Stillness is the action to connect with you, with your tools, your variables, your information… It is the time to go in and stay there, holding what is important to you, evaluating and considering why, what and how in an intimate conversation with your values. Don’t be afraid to stop and be still, it will give you the insight needed to go on.

Finding stillness


“Sometimes finding that quiet stillness within us is our highest and greatest aspiration…” ~Buddha 




By Ivonne Garrido

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