The Power of Stillness and Decisions

During these times when everything goes fast and immediacy seems to be the norm, stillness appears as rare, as being inactive, as not generating results, and sometimes, even lack of character. But there is something about stillness that is important to consider: it is the time in which we are in full intentional learning and evaluating options. Continue reading

Follow your inner wisdom and make your own decision

Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.” ~Pema Chodron

We all hate the unexpected. We all hate uncertainty.

In moments like this, we become frantic, we flail, we panic. And then we become obsessed with our problems. We think about them. ALL THE TIME.

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Some… with no celebration

Recently, we celebrated Women’s Day and many countries joined applauding women’s achievements, recognizing our contribution in different areas of human development. In social media, there were beautiful messages and encouraging words for us, and on the streets big demonstrations claiming equality and justice for women around the world. Day for celebration, but only for some…

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The Happiness of Non-attachment

Have you had a good day today? Yes / No …. Why?

If your answer contained a majority of external factors such as “I could spend time with my husband, my children did not quarrel.” Or on the positive side, “my son went to bed early and did his homework, etc.” Continue reading

It is the beginning of 2017… Time to take action from our reflections!

This is usually the time we reflect on the events of our personal life during the last year. It is the time to recognize accomplishments, regrets, acknowledgments, and why not, finish up some of those “details” that are still hanging around. Some feel happy that the year is over and others want the energy to continue … how is it for you?

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Ophelia and her passion for Osteopathy

I was happy to have a talk with Ophelia Bartmann, a new practitioner in town who brings a complementary approach to healing: Osteopathy. She is very passionate about her work because it is something that connects with her own values and way of practicing medicine. Below is a short interview I had with her to learn more about what she does and get you inspired about her story. Continue reading

The impact of women’s personal development in corporate performance

Today, Personal Development is greatly impacting job performance. Companies are investing more resources in the subject and giving employees opportunities for personal growth. Subjects such as awareness, identity, talents, potential, and others are becoming part of company’s vocabulary. Continue reading

For more freedom

First, let’s get you into the mood to read the article. Please use the music by Nat King Cole on the video below while you read the article:

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Welcome to our Inspiring Stories Blog

We will share with you inspiring stories about women doing what they love, women being unique to themselves, topics of interest, etc. We want you to use this space as another source of inspiration and personal growth by learning from your peers.