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Learning doesn’t only happens in the mind but also in the body. So, experimenting with intention, focus, and questioning, is a chance to learn while doing. The following activities have this intention, and it is also an opportunity to gain awareness about our workshop topics or just to enjoy developing yourself.

We will be announcing up coming activities in the next year of so. In the meantime, take a look at previous events or write to us.



 Previous EVENTS

Women, Finances & Fulfillment

April 21, 2016

Finance event

We learned that we can always look for opportunities in the situations we feel stuck or that we don’t like. We all had different roles, manager, employee, looking for a job, housewife, and at the end of the night we were all able to look at the bright side of things and opportunities of what we have.

To see more pics visit our Facebook album.


Women, Tango & Leadership

March 30, 2016

Women-tango-leadership 2

We all got inspired with the Tango dance to understand the different roles in leadership.

We learned that in anything in life the leader and follower need to have a two way communication. The leader needs to know the direction but is also important to guide the follower towards it. Also, a follower can contribute towards the same goal if the leader is willing to read what a team has to say. And finally, together in sync they can create a beautiful and powerful dance like tango…

To see more fun pics visit our Facebook album.


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