Balancing Act of Negotiation

Untitled-1This workshop is for women who want to strengthen or gain tactics to find a positive outcome through negotiation.

Our focus throughout the workshop is to help you feel more comfortable when dealing with negotiations, this means getting to know yourself in different situations, understand your feelings, and being able to take control over what happens inside yourself to be confident at the time you deal with tough situations. Remember practice makes perfect, so you will get a framework to take home that you can start using step by step to master the art of negotiation.

It is said, and statistics proof, that women are not good at negotiating; however seems like life is a continuous negotiation, therefore to create awareness, to find tools and to be prepared seem like a wise decision to take.

So much of life is a negotiation, so even if you’re not in business, you have opportunities to practice all around you.” Kevin O’Leary. Canadian Entrepreneur.


  • Gain awareness about the possible scenarios for negotiation.
  • Find coherence (body, emotion and language).
  • Understand how to use practice and preparation as relevant tools.
  • Plan B to always be ready.


  • Framework for a good deal
  • Common mistakes
  • Offers / Requests
  • Getting out of the comfort zone
  • Embracing failure
  • Your innovative process

If you are interested in a personalized program for you or the organization you are currently participating. Please contact us, and lets have a conversation.

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“This workshop it was a very nice experience with practical exercises and worthwhile information that I can use in both professional and personal life.” Creativity, Innovation & Leadership Workshop

Janette Testerman, Mexico

“The stories that circle around women -that being foreign- live in Vietnam, are infinite. Each story is loaded with longing and dreams in a suitcase. I haven’t experienced any other space that that is as fit and well organized as “Inspiring Women” for first, gather women with a personal decision to find themselves; second, to have… Continue reading Claudia Oporto, Bolivia

Claudia Oporto, Bolivia

“My experience with the workshop was more than positive. It was a lovely tour to myself, exploring my strong and weak sides. Re-discovering myself, sharing, flowing…” Creativity, Innovation & Leadership Workshop

C.R, Spain

“Thank guy inspiring women team to plant the seeds of living and being true to our vision, beliefs and emotions.” Vision & Ideal, Balancing Act of Negotiation Workshops

Michelle Moarbes, Lebanon

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