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Who are we? – This is always an interesting question.

We are Claire and Ivonne, both coaches, women, mothers, daughters, entrepreneurs, adventurous, curious, and motivated to get other women to be willing to take a chance on themselves.



I am Ivonne Garrido, chilean, mother of three, and extremely interested in making my life worth it. Professionally, I have a BLA in Communication with interest in Intercultural and Human Communication.  I am also a certified coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and a certified Ontological coach (NCC) from Newfield Network. I have more than 10 years of experience in the areas of communication and coaching. I currently design and deliver workshops for women.

When I think of myself, I can’t help to consider all the women in my life. Those who have had the courage in the past to step out of the box, to fight the conventional, and dare to be different. This program has done that for me, dare to challenge others to make a statement that is true to them and their values. Claire and I have put our hearts and souls in making this program accessible enough to allow you to make that important statement.

Ivonne-Garrido-coachTo learn more about my services you are welcomed to my website.

Claire Bailliez (left) & Ivonne Garrido (right)


I am Claire Bailliez, french, mother of three and particularly enthusiastic to bring challenges and inspiration to other women. I am a professional certified coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation, and trained on Systemic coaching. I also design my own coaching approach thanks to my specific interests on holistic psychology and emotional intelligence. Since 2011, I accompany curious people and entrepreneurs who want to dare to take their place in their life. I design workshops in relation to vision, identity, energy, communication, and silence & presence.

On a personal note, the Inspiring Women Program comes as an important step in my life.  As I was reflecting on my own identity and what I really wanted to do, I achieved a certain alignment with my values, dreams and passion. Now, I want to share this experience with other women who decide to take time for themselves in search of space, peace and possibilities.
I am happy to be working with Ivonne on a project that makes so much sense for women everywhere; I really believe this program will move you the same as it has moved me.

To learn more about my services please visit my website.




We are both ACC certified coaches from the International Coach Federation

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