Working with us

Methodology1Learning doesn’t only happen in the mind but also in the body and experimenting with intention, focus, and allowing questions, is a chance to learn while doing. Our activities and workshops have this intention, and it is also an opportunity to bring awareness about these topics or just enjoy learning.

We want the participants to get the most of the program, therefore, the group is limited to 15 people. The idea is to bring everyone to an intimate and trustworthy place where authenticity is shared.



  • Each activity and workshop will have an introduction to the topic, discussions, group and individual work, as well as body practices.
  • You are encouraged to provide your own vision and understanding of the experience.
  • You will take away a unique experience that can be related to your own goals and purpose.


  • Care group: If you have enjoyed the group dynamic and want to continue to find support toward your actions, You will have the opportunity to be part of a care group where you can bring your reflections to an open conversation among peers.
  • Coaching conversation: If you prefer private and personalized support, hold a one-on-one conversation to explore your interests or ideas triggered after the sessions to find out how coaching can help you to make them happen.
  • Documentation: List of books, videos, movies, series and TEDTalks.

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