Push fear and make bold choices

~Online workshop
THURSDAY, MAY 18th, at 7pm

Join us for an interactive online workshop on decision making process. Feel empowered and connected to make the right decision for yourself.

Are you struggling to make a decision?
Do you procrastinate to make a decision?


In this videoconference, you will explore and experiment how your body and emotions are sensitive, and gain powerful tools to make bold decisions. This online workshop is NOT theoretical, It is live, interactive, and with deep coaching guidance. If you listen carefully and apply your insights, it will help YOU dare to make bold choices for yourself with confidence and meaning. 

You can also enjoy the opportunity to get private coaching sessions as a bonus after the workshop to deepen your learning experience. Register now to be part of this experience and be coached by Claire or Ivonne themselves.

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Date: Thursday 18th, May
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm
Time Zone: Ho Chi Minh City (GMT+ 7)
Where: Online videoconference
Cost: 38.00 USD



One hour before the workshop starts we will send you via email the link to connect to our videoconference. Now you just need to grab a cup of coffee or tea, your notebook and seat comfortably to get into the conference.

During the video workshop, your coaches Claire and Ivonne, will take you step by step to learn more about what is holding you back to make decisions using interactive activities among participants. If you have any questions you can email us to inspiringwomen.contact@gmail.com or call 01 227 937 440.


To learn more about your coaches Claire and Ivonne, visit their profile page. And you can also learn about their methodology.



“This workshop it was a very nice experience with practical exercises and worthwhile information that I can use in both professional and personal life.” Creativity, Innovation & Leadership Workshop

Janette Testerman, Mexico

“The stories that circle around women -that being foreign- live in Vietnam, are infinite. Each story is loaded with longing and dreams in a suitcase. I haven’t experienced any other space that that is as fit and well organized as “Inspiring Women” for first, gather women with a personal decision to find themselves; second, to have… Continue reading Claudia Oporto, Bolivia

Claudia Oporto, Bolivia

“My experience with the workshop was more than positive. It was a lovely tour to myself, exploring my strong and weak sides. Re-discovering myself, sharing, flowing…” Creativity, Innovation & Leadership Workshop

C.R, Spain

“Thank guy inspiring women team to plant the seeds of living and being true to our vision, beliefs and emotions.” Vision & Ideal, Balancing Act of Negotiation Workshops

Michelle Moarbes, Lebanon

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