Meet our program sponsors, who together with us want to make women shine.

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La HOLISTALa Holista - FOOD THAT¹S GOOD! Subscription Snack Box is a health and wellness company that offers one-on-one / group / corporate health coaching, healthy snacks provision, kombucha brewing and provision and F&B consulting. We promote healthy lifestyle by improving all aspect of someone’s life, starting with food and then exercise, career, relationship and spirituality. NOURISHING-WEIGHT-LOSS-682x1024We have certification in Yoga teaching, Health Coaching and soon Functional Medicine. We collaborate with many local entities, from organic farms to salad delivery restaurants, from chiropractors to dental clinics, from triathlete communities to our very own female running group. We promote healthy lifestyle with focus on wholesome, plant based foods and are already teaming up with local events organizers to promote vaganism as a way to regain health, spare animal suffering and save the planet.

This is a group/place/community in Saigon for creators and passionate crafters; Fans of embroidery, knitting, leather-goods or metals. Also for fashion, interior, textile, objects, furniture, graphic and jewelry Designers; Plastic artists, Wooden Workers, Tailors, Embellishment Specialists, small companies in the related fields, lonely entrepreneurs, partnerships and groups.

We offer:
– Co-working space for Designers with enough space for big projects.
– We periodically organize Workshops related with the fields mentioned above.
– Hourly Sewing Machine hire

Join the group on Facebook: DIY Saigon Workshop


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Vin Space is a boutique art studio that provides a variety of art workshops for adults and children. We provide workshops that cover mediums such as oil painting, acrylic, drawing, graphics, and photography. Vins Space supports the presence of art by exhibiting the work of our students, local artists, and international artists. We also provide art talks and tours to create an atmosphere for interactive exchanges and experiences. Lastly, we give back to the art community by assisting struggling artists fund their art projects.

MERCI is a unique Nail Spa and Bistro destination where you can pamper your nail, enjoy a massage, meet your friend enjoy a meal and cocktails!

Mercinails2 lowresWe provide only waterless nail treatments to avoid bacteria and dry skin. Zoya and Kure Bazaar non-toxic varnish color as well as our signature nails art are the promise of gorgeous and healthy nails.Mercinails1 lowres
Our lovely Bistro offers a modern Vietnamese cuisine as well as healthy international fare.
Visit our Facebook to check our set lunch, special offers and happy hours.



CMI is an outpatient clinic located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City which offers high quality medical services to foreigners, French and Vietnamese nationals. Our medical team, made up of French and Vietnamese trained doctors who speak English, French and Vietnamese, provide general and specialized treatments.

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We understand that the textile Industry is constantly evolving and this phenomenon implicates costly and time consuming challenges. The business is getting tougher and becoming more complex than ever, especially when dealing with global issues, such as suppliers’ sustainability and dynamic competitors.

Our mission is to facilitate the process by providing you support in the supply chain management. You have a need? We bring the solution. You delegate, we implement.

Our vision is to give you the necessary space and time to focus on your core business in the fashion, retail and as your textile companion we take care of the manufacture of your patterns, the procurement of textile products (apparel and many others textile goods) but also other activities related to the supply chain of your product.

We look forward to hear from you and find out how can we support you!


SoGal represents a fearless, inspirational spirit, a constant, relentless execution mode, a collaborative and supportive community, young entrepreneurs like you and me who are pursuing our dreams. It has become a sensation in Southern California, attracting members from a diversity of backgrounds, geographies, ages and cultures. Now SoGal is expanding to Vietnam! We provide advisory, coaching, mentorship services, startup resources, and events to help members’ venture ideas take off!


chula is happiness, life, sense of humor.
chula is silk, embroidery, colors, patchwork, handmade.
chula is one of a kind, is love for the details, is patience.
chula is word of mouth, is a connection in an airport, a friend of a friend of a friend who becomes now a chula friend.
chula is Vietnam but as well Madrid, New York, Hoi An, the Moon.
chula is more than fashion, is photography, painting, music, conversations, sangria, a coffee on the lake, an art chula night.
chula is timeless but trendy, crazy but elegant, oriental & western.
chula is not a just brand, chula is not a just shop; is a memory, is a feeling, is a melody
you are chula

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Aveda is an authentic Indian spa, specializing in Ayurvedic and herbal treatments for revitalizing the body and soul in a very clean, professional and truly relaxing ambience. Meet our Qualified Panchkarma specialist and get to know your health hstory and body constitution through Ayurvedic theories. Our Panchkarma expert will advise the best treatments, dietary and lifestyle plan based on your prakirti (Body constitution).