Inspiring Women is a program exclusively designed to encourage women to move forward in their projects and ideas. Uniquely created activities focused on energizing the participants and supporting them in finding new perspectives. With our program, women can rediscover creativity, dare to venture and take decisions toward their dreams.

If any of the following resonates with you:

  • I want to start re-defining myself
  • I want to take the first step
  • I want to re-connect with what drives me
  • I want a job that matters
This program can lead you to say:

  • I am choosing a path of commitment for myself
  • I am determined to succeed
  • I am committed to a goal
  • I want to deliver great results

Our program consists of 4 workshops:

Our Testimonials

“This workshop it was a very nice experience with practical exercises and worthwhile information that I can use in both professional and personal life.” Creativity, Innovation & Leadership Workshop

Janette Testerman, Mexico

“The stories that circle around women -that being foreign- live in Vietnam, are infinite. Each story is loaded with longing and dreams in a suitcase. I haven’t experienced any other space that that is as fit and well organized as “Inspiring Women” for first, gather women with a personal decision to find themselves; second, to have… Continue reading Claudia Oporto, Bolivia

Claudia Oporto, Bolivia

“My experience with the workshop was more than positive. It was a lovely tour to myself, exploring my strong and weak sides. Re-discovering myself, sharing, flowing…” Creativity, Innovation & Leadership Workshop

C.R, Spain

“Thank guy inspiring women team to plant the seeds of living and being true to our vision, beliefs and emotions.” Vision & Ideal, Balancing Act of Negotiation Workshops

Michelle Moarbes, Lebanon

“I was able to experience all workshops, and each one showed me a different perspective about myself. It felt as if I was looking at my inner self in a mirror, understanding what moves me, my fears, how I deal with situations, and what is really important to me… And at the end understand that nothing stands between… Continue reading Carla Rosales, Mexico

Carla Rosales, Mexico

“I was extremely surprised while I starting working with Ivonne. I thought that the she was going to give advice and tell me what to do, but coaching doesn’t work that way. The process was to see first, then to evaluate what I wanted, to choose out of the alternatives, and from there decide; it… Continue reading Lisa B., Vietnam

Lisa B., Vietnam